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We help host get money

Our Mission

Is to assist hosts in diversifying their revenue streams while contributing to local businesses' growth and creating a more personalized guest experience.

Our Purpose

At LodgeVertise, we believe in the power of connection and discovery. Our platform seamlessly bridges hosts and guests, transforming the short-term rental experience into an interactive journey. Beyond just a stay, we provide guests with tailored content, from local recommendations to immersive entertainment, while empowering hosts to maximize their property's potential. Dive in and see how we're redefining the guest experience, one stay at a time.

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Our Story

Wes and Myron, found themselves drawn to the exciting world of short-term rentals. Always keen on making their guests feel at home, they prided themselves on creating warm, welcoming spaces that went beyond just a place to sleep.


Despite the joy of hosting, Wes and Myron noticed a recurring pattern: guests frequently asked for local recommendations - the best places to eat, shop, and experience the vibrant life of the city. 


"This sparked an idea in our minds - what if we could provide these recommendations in a way that was not only helpful for their guests but also supported local businesses and created an additional revenue stream for hosts?"


With this vision, LodgeVertise was born. Leveraging their understanding of what made a stay special for guests and combining it with the power of digital advertising, they created a platform that served targeted, real-time recommendations on digital screens placed within short-term rentals.


Now, guests could discover the hidden gems of the city right from the comfort of their temporary home, while local businesses gained exposure to a ready-and-willing audience. Meanwhile, hosts could enhance their guests' stay and earn extra income without any extra work.


Thus, LodgeVertise stands today, transforming short-term rentals into interactive gateways for local exploration - a win-win solution born from two friends' simple desire to improve their guests' experience. And as Wes and Myron like to say, "We're not just in the short-term rental business; we're in the business of making memorable experiences and promoting businesses."


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